2. “Download Now” >“Install Live Environment” > After reading rules and requirements, check the “agree” button and click “Confirm and Install”

3. On the displayed log in screen, enter username and password

4. To easily recover your ID, input your mobile phone number to register it, then enter the code that is sent to your phone and click “Authenticate.”

5. Select “Install For All Users” in the package installer, then click “Install.”
*It is not possible to select “Install for Administrator” or “Install for Specified Profile.”

*For users who will not use MakeLeaps, view management can be controlled in “Allocation Management”.

6. Check the box by “Allow Third Party Access” and click “Next.”

7. Select “Allow Access for All Users” in the package manager and then click “Next”

8. Click “Install” in the package manager

*If you are installing a upgrade package then the process is now complete