To optimize Firefox for use with Salesforce, it will be necessary to modify some browser settings.

Applicable editions: All editions

Salesforce offers testing and support of the latest version of Firefox. It is required that Firefox be configured to accept cookies.

  • Click [Tools] | [Options] (On Mac, click [Firefox] | [Environment Settings]).
  • Navigate to the [Privacy] panel.
  • Under [Firefox Operations], select [Use Custom Settings for History].
  • Select the [Save Site Cookies] option.
  • Select the [Save Third Party Cookies] option.
  • Under the “Set Time for Save” option, select “Expire”.
  • Click “OK”.

To maximize performance, we will adjust detailed setting regarding the cache.

  • Enter “about:config” in the browser’s location bar and press “Enter”.
  • If a warning dialog appears, click “Proceed with caution”.
  • Search for the following settings, double click the setting title, and enter the recommended value. The changes will take effect immediately.
  • Next conduct caching settings, to set recommended browser settings for shared resources.

Applicable editions: Salesforce Classic (All Editions)

*See here for details