If you use Salesforce with Internet Explorer then we recommend using the latest supported version. Please apply all Microsoft updates.

Applicable editions: All editions

To optimize Internet Explorer performance, from browser settings one should set the following options after the “Internet Options” dialog box.

  1. Under the “All” tab, Click on “Settings” under “History”.

  2. Under the “Confirm latest version of saved pages” option, select “Automatically Confirm.”

  3. Under the “Disk Space Usage” option, select a value that is 50MB or more.

“Security” tab

  1. Under the “Security” tab, proceed to “Internet” and then click “Customize Level” and scroll to the “Script” section.

  2. Confirm that the “Active Script” option is turned on. This setting must be on to use Javascript.

“Privacy” tab

  1. Under the “Privacy” tab, click on “Details.”

  2. Select the “Automatically overwrite cookies” option.

  3. Select the “Always allow session cookies” option.

  4. Select “Accept” under the “Third Party Cookie” option.

“Detailed Settings” tab

  • In the “Detailed Settings” tab, scroll to the “Security” section and set as follows.

  • Do not turn on the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option.

  • [TLS 1.0 を使用]、Click on [Use TLS 1.0], [Use TLS 1.1] and [Use TLS 1.2]. Turn off [Use SSL 2.0] and [Use SSL 3.0]. SSL is not supported by Salesforce. TLS 1.0 will no longer be supported after it is invalidated (June 2016 for Sandboxes and the middle of 2017 for production environments.)

Applicable editions: Salesforce Classic (All Editions)